With health and safety on the minds of many travelers in the aftermath of the global pandemic, the Royal Thai Government is offering tourists up to $14,000 in medical coverage in case of an accident, as the number of visitors steadily climbs to pre-pandemic levels.

Thailand is a global tourism success story. More than 28 million people visited the Kingdom in 2023, and the figure is expected to be higher this year. However, people who are contemplating travel to distant lands with which they are unfamiliar naturally have questions about safety, among other issues.

The Kingdom ranks high on safety, although, as in every country, accidents and other mishaps sometimes happen and get plenty of coverage in the media. In some cases, that coverage can distort the overall perception of a destination.

Americans, in general, regard Thailand as safe. Fifteen hundred American respondents to a survey conducted by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection in 2022 ranked Thailand eighth in the world when it comes to tourist safety.

Canada was ranked number one, followed by Iceland, Sweden, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

“The campaign aims to assure foreign tourists that Thailand is safe, and everyone will be under good care,” said Minister of Tourism Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol. The Minister cautioned, however, that the offer of medical coverage would not include accidents that were the result of “negligence, intent, illegal acts or risky behavior.”

The Kingdom is a popular destination for adventure travelers and young travelers who, by nature, can feel invincible. Travelers, in general, can sometimes let their guard down when visiting places that seem like a paradise. So, the Ministry urged visitors to exercise good judgment and common sense.

Tourists can register for the program through the Thailand Traveller Safety website at www.tts.go.th

 Photo courtesy of www.tts.go.th